Study: The advantages of online news

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Wed Oct 22 15:36:07 EDT 2003

Posting breaking news in a timely manner, regardless of completion or print 
publication, is a technique used by many news Web sites, reports Joe 
Marren, assistant professor of journalism at Buffalo State College, in his 
article for Editors also say that using a full range 
of tools, such as video, audio and polls, sets Web sites apart from papers 
and television and keeps their news interesting. However, Jody Brannon, an 
executive news producer at USA Today, cites the importance of keeping the 
length of packages and special features at a level that will not overwhelm 
readers or take too much time to create. The study looked at four sites -- 
Business First, The Free Lance Star, and -- to 
gain a greater understanding of how online news sites compete with 
newspapers and television.


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