[icernet] Call for Papers : International Conference on Universal Knowledge and Language

Arul Selvan MIC arul.selvan at mic.manipal.edu
Sat Sep 28 14:41:01 EDT 2002

Knowledge, Culture and Language have been addressed by scientists and 
scholars as isolated domains in the past. Current trends are compelling 
philosophers, computer engineers, social leaders and policy-makers to 
enlarge the understanding of the convergence of information media, and 
to take a more integrated approach to societal development. The 
International Conference on Universal Knowledge organized by The UNDL 
Foundation, Geneva, Transcultura International Institute, Paris and the 
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, aims at providing an appropriate 
framework and atmosphere for such approach and understanding. 

The Conference is unique in its scope. It is intended to be an occasion 
for reflecting on the interdependence of language, knowledge and 
culture from the philosophical to the engineering perspectives. It is 
also intended to be another opportunity for learning and discussing 
specific issues concerning UNL multilingual infrastructure and related 
linguistic or technological issues. To facilitate an integrated 
approach to these diverse subjects, the Program is organized under the 
broad and provocative theme "Universal Knowledge and Language" and will 
be focus from four interrelated perspectives: Philosophical, Cultural, 
Linguistic and Engineering. Within this broad framework, the Conference 
invites papers and discussions on a variety of topics, including the 
very concept of "Universal Knowledge".


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